the news of a collection already full of history

From the meeting with the designers Simone Ciarmoli and Miguel Queda, Marina was born, a collection of outdoor furniture with "pictorial" lines.

Presented during a historic moment that saw all of us involved in a great change of our “home” and the ways of living the exteriors spaces, Marina had immediately a great success.

There has been no shortage of projects, both residential and contract, and OfficinaCiani has chosen to develop the line. The collection is made up of sofas, linear and angular, armchairs and low tables, chairs with and without armrests and square and round dining tables in different sizes.

Handmade in Florence, where OfficinaCiani boasts a tradition since the beginning of the century in the creation of forged iron furniture, all the products of the Marina line are characterized by a design that is simple in appearance, but extremely sophisticated, even in construction. The armrests, or the legs in the tables and consoles, have a double rod as the sign of a painter who wanted to highlight that line. The complementary materials, such as the table tops, are in precious and refined Travertine.
The craftsmanship and the internal design office also allow OfficinaCiani to meet special needs by customizing not only the sizes but also the colors of the structures - which can be realized in may Ral - and of the cushions, being able to choose between the company's proposals or a any fabric on the market. The entire Marina collection is also available in multiple interior finishes.



Fusion of tradition and design, with a gaze always turned towards the future,
the sartorial processing of metals makes every object unique and customizable


Officina Ciani cultivates a bond between the traditional Florentine craftsmanship and the search for a contemporary design in order to develop unique and top-quality creations all made in Italy.

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